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assess your taylor swift innovation skillset

taylor swift is one of the most successful people in the world right now and she is an innovator pur sang. with this tool, you can assess your ‘swiftness’

rebelproof workplace checker

this is a tool that you can use to check whether a workplace is ‘rebelproof’

rebelliousness check

this is an exercise that helps you to discover how rebellious you are

'am i really that difficult?'-checker

this is a tool that helps you to find out what to do when people find you difficult

rebel bingo cards

have a bit of fun with these two BINGO cards. one card is for rebels, and contains all the phrases that gives them the shivers, while the other is for teams that want to find out if they have rebels in their team. available in english and dutch.

"bad rebel, good rebel" quick scan

this is an exercise to find out if you (or someone else) is a constructive or destructive rebel

stress rethinking tool

this is a tool that helps you to identify your state of mind and the power of rethinking stress 

should i stay, or should i go?-exercise

this is an exercise that will help you to figure out whether you should stay in your job or get the hell out of there

rebel quiz

this is a quiz (15 questions only) designed by Todd Kashdan, a professor at George Mason University who is an expert in insubordination and founder of the Well-Being Laboratory. take the quiz and discover whether you are an innovator, a culture shifter, a defender, or a niche carver!

rebel confidence booster tool

this is a tool that will help you to boost your confidence by looking at the bright side of things

dealing with resistance cheat sheet

this is a tool that will help you to understand different types of resistance and provides tactics on how to deal with it

rebel test

this is a test designed by Francesca Gino from Harvard Business School. based on 30 questions where you chose between two statements, you are assessed on how well you resist internal and external pressures. do the test and you’ll find out whether you are a guard, climber, traveler, or pirate.

ask dr rebel

i answer your questions about rebellious behaviour – for rebels, and co-workers and managers of rebels

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