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people say my energy is contagious. i care for others and love to let people rise above themselves. by opening their hearts and minds, i get people excited and collaborate to achieve great results together

with over 20 years of experience, i am an allrounder when it comes to change acceleration, innovation and employee empowerment. my speciality is to bring in the human side to innovation and discover and unleash your rebel talent

with my services, i develop the mindset, culture, and capabilities of innovative organisations:

my services are modular and can be used as building blocks to create a personalised approach to accelerate change, empower employees and/or innovation for your organisation

Your energy and how you look at everything differently is inspiring and I feel empowered by it. As in "ooh, I'm not crazy after all", or maybe I am, but now I don't see that as something negative anymore!
mylene van dissel mourik
Mylène van Dissel
You always come up with solutions instead of bringing more problems. I love it 🙂
audrey zeini chanel
Audrey Zeini
Thanks for joining us, Simone. It was awesome having you! 😊 Just wait for it how cool things will come to live now after people feel more confident about bringing in new perspectives 😎
daniel nemeth LEGO
Daniel Németh

inspirational rebel talks

ready for a good dose of inspiration, fun & energy? 

typically 20 – 60 minutes

“Oh no! We have a REBEL in our team”

inspirational talk about rebels and innovation in general. fun for everyone!

“Oh no! Our REBELS are leaving!”

mind-opening talk to inspire leaders who deal with rebels in their team

“Oh no! I am a REBEL, now what?!?”

encouraging talk for employees and leaders who identify as a rebel 

rebel workshops & masterclasses

does your team need some energy and inspiration?

typically 1 – 4 hours

“Oh no! We have a REBEL in our team”

interactive and fun workshop with key insights and practical tools for teams that want to discover and unleash their rebel talent and start to be more open to change

“Oh no! I am a REBEL, now what?!?”

interactive and fun workshop full of tips & tricks for employees and leaders who identify as a rebel and want to challenge the status quo more productively

“Oh no! Our REBELS are leaving”

leadership masterclass to learn to see rebellious behaviour as something positive and discover practical ways to turn their rebels into ambassadors for change and innovation

customised workshops

want to get to results fast on a complex topic?

typically 0,5 – 5 days

action-oriented workshop on a (strategic) topic of your choice

for organisations and teams that need alignment and acceleration on a multidisciplinary, complex topic

visionary, yet practical workshop to get people out of their comfort zones to dream big and beautiful

for organisations that want to come up with fresh solutions and new business concepts

customised training

want to learn how to speed up innovation and change in a fun way?

typically 1-3 days

fun training full of hands-on innovation, service design, and mindset tools

for organisations that want to grow the innovation and change skills of their employees

supercharge your team

want your (innovation) team to kick some ass?

typically collaborations of 6 – 24 months

intensive collaboration to kickstart innovation within your organisation

for organisations that want to build and grow their innovation capabilities

a mix of regular boosts of inspiration, thought-provoking content, and practical innovation tools and methods

for teams that want to become more open-minded, creative, and innovative

accelerate change

feeling stuck and want a different perspective to get the ball rolling?

typically collaborations of 6 – 24 months

a personalised approach based on a mix of my services and, if needed, new things are created on the spot

for organisations that face challenges, need to change, and want to involve their employees in making change last

event hosting

want to spice up your event?

typically 0,25 – 2 days

design and host fun, mind-teasing, and interactive events

for organisations that want to inspire, surprise, and engage their audience, and allow serendipity to do some magic amongst the participants


feel the need for a gentle push in your career?

typically 3 – 7 conversations

one-on-one conversations to boost your confidence or explore potential next steps

especially suited for women earlier on in their careers

one-on-one conversations to explore strategies to make more impact 

especially suited for intrapreneurs who feel stuck

BONUS service: white label rebel booklet

together, we can produce a unique rebel booklet edition that is completely branded with the identity of your organisation

for organisations that want to unleash their rebel spirit in a fun and mind-opening way

want to collaborate but couldn't find what you need?

no worries !!!

i am flexible and creative to come up with a tailor-made concept for you. so, let’s chat. furthermore, i have a large network. if i know someone else who could do a much better job at it, then i am happy to connect!

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