hi, i am reBella – a catalyst for innovation

a catalyst for innovation

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all too often organisations misunderstand the power of rebellious people — they see the trouble, not the possibilities. in fact, rebelliousness is a positive behaviour trait, an act of courageous risk taking. rebels are your ambassadors for innovation and change.

if you create the right environment for your rebels, magic happens. i have seen this over and over again; better bottom line results and much happier and motivated people at the same time.

my name is simone van neerven and i have a proven track record in unleashing rebel talent.

order my book “oh no! we have a rebel in our team”

Oh no! We have a rebel in our team ISBN9789083086514

it is not rebels that make trouble

but trouble that makes rebels

my gigs

innovation is my passion. the big and the small stuff. the tech and the human stuff. my work is to catalyse innovation in various ways

my guiding principles

these are my fundamental truths and help me navigate through life and work

  • #1

    innovation is having your head in the clouds while keeping your feet on the ground

  • #2

    when you tap into the potential of people, magic happens

  • #3

    every context is different; a tailored approach to innovation is the solution

  • #4

    an adaptable mindset is the best accelerator for change

  • #5

    new, fresh perspectives keep you sharp and in touch with the outside world

  • #6

    the goal is not to win, but to keep playing. go for the infinite game

  • #7

    life is so much easier when you feel comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • #8

    always be part of the solution, not the problem

  • #9

    alone you can go fast, together you will go far

every month i write about innovation for the largest business and management platform in the netherlands

my work

ccol innovation work simone

i am super excited about my work. find out why!

my proposition

in my proposition booklet you find more about my services, my work, my guiding principles, and my collaborations. includes some cool videos too !

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