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all too often organisations misunderstand the power of rebellious people — they see the trouble, not the possibilities. in fact, rebelliousness is a positive behaviour trait, an act of courageous risk-taking. rebels are your ambassadors for innovation and change.

if you create the right environment for your rebels, magic happens. i have seen this over and over again; better bottom-line results and much happier and more motivated people at the same time.

my name is simone van neerven and i have a proven track record in unleashing rebel talent.

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how can we collaborate?

one thing that i have learned over the years is that every organization is different and gets the most out of a tailor-made approach. i catalyse innovation with a wide variety of services. check out some examples of my work to get a feel for what you can expect.

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what can you expect from me?

i am very grateful to collaborate with many great people on very cool assignments. check out some examples and find out why i am so excited about my work!

my guiding principles

these are my fundamental truths and help me navigate through life and work

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every month, i write columns about innovation for MT/Sprout, the largest business and management platform in the netherlands, and CHRO, a dutch platform for HR executives

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