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dr rebel: i am collaborating with a fellow rebel, and we are both pretty opinionated. how can we make it work?

most rebels are pretty passionate about their work. whenever they get excited, they go all in. they always strive for the best result and can be determined and stubborn. if two rebels work together and find their way, magic happens. if not, it’s bound to be a disaster…

here are my tips for rebels who need to collaborate and want to make it work (also practical if you are not a rebel!):

#1: create common ground

that is fundamental and your basis. most likely, you disagree on the how, not the why. establish your common goal first. knowing that you have something in common helps you to get closer and be respectful to one another. when the going gets tough, revisit your common ground and ensure you are still trying to reach the same goals.

#2: you are like-spirited, not like-minded

understand that you don’t have to be like-minded, but that you are like-spirited. rebels have the biggest hearts and only want the best. there is a high chance that the other rebel feels the same irritation as you do. reflect on where your irritation comes from and check whether your fellow rebel feels the same or is annoyed about something else (number 3 might help you to understand the source of irritation).

#3: understand how to treat each other

the skill-will matrix is a tool that helps you to understand and find the best way to collaborate:

skill-will matrix

often, rebels have a strong will and are highly skilled. so you must delegate as any other way leads to frustration and irritation – especially if you are trying to direct. in this specific case, assuming you both are highly skilled and have a strong will, divide the work and take ownership of your part.

as you both strive to deliver high-quality work, trust the other will do a great job. agree on reflection moments, where you give – constructively! – feedback to each other, don’t forget to highlight all the things that go well and celebrate the magic you are creating together.

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