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This is a special deal to get the two new titles of the rebel booklet at once: ‘Oh no! I am a rebel, now what?!?’ and ‘Oh no! Our rebels are leaving!’. These are small, visual booklets about rebels in organisations. They contain a mix of short stories, visuals, frameworks, and inspiring quotes – all based on a ton of research and practical experience!

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After the first booklet “Oh no! We have a rebel in our team”, now the rebel booklet series is a fact. These two new booklets take the perspective of the rebel and the leader aiming to connect these worlds. And that all starts with having a better understanding of rebellious behaviour. It is not REBELS that make trouble, but trouble that makes REBELS !

About the booklets
These are easy-to-read booklets with a similar format as the first booklet. Nice size, beautifully designed and they bring an interesting take on the rebel. Both booklets contain a mix of funny and inspiring short stories, visuals, quotes and useful frameworks. All based on a ton of research combined with a lot of practical research.

Bulk discount 
This is a fantastic present to give away; for example to your team and colleagues or to ‘fellow-rebels’. If you buy more books, you get a nice discount !

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2 reviews for SPECIAL DEAL – two latest booklets

  1. Marcel Treffers

    De informatie is so to the point dat ik – bij het eerste boekje – er maar bladzijde voor bladzijde doorheen kon gaan. Weinig afzwenkingen.

  2. Myrthe

    Your easy to read books not only give insight into organizations and procedures but many take aways in respect to one’s owns beliefs and actions. They resonate Simone, thanks a lot for sharing!

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