Oh no! I am a rebel, now what?!? [E-BOOK]

this is a small, visual e-booklet about rebels in organisations. it contains a mix of short stories, visuals, frameworks, and inspiring quotes. all based on a ton of research and practical experience.

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Being a rebel doesn’t come easy. They are seen as the misfits, the crazy ones, the troublemakers. But are they really? What if they are the tropical fish in a shoal of herrings? The ones who bring colour to the workplace. In times when change is accelerating, organisations need people who can adapt easily, come up with creative ideas and get the ball rolling. It is cool to be a rebel. The world needs more of them. It is not REBELS that make trouble, but trouble that makes REBELS !

About the e-booklet
This is an easy-to-read e-booklet. Nice size, beautifully designed and it brings an interesting take on the rebel. It contains a mix of funny and inspiring short stories, visuals, quotes and useful frameworks. All based on a ton of research combined with a lot of practical research.

Extension of the file
This file has the .epub file extension and can be used on a wide variety of e-readers and tablets.

Bulk discount
This is a fantastic little book to give as a present; for example to your team and colleagues or to ‘fellow-rebels’. If you buy more e-books, you get a nice discount !


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