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typically 1 – 4 hours

i love to inspire people to think differently and my rebel workshops are a great way to do so. these workshops are always fun and interactive. the content of the workshop is tailored to the needs of the client; together we choose the rebel themes we’ll reflect on with the group during the workshop. 


LEGO is a globally known company that has been sparking children’s (and adults!) imaginations and inspiring the builders of tomorrow since 1932

LEGO approached me to facilitate a fun and energising rebel workshop to open a 2-day off-site event for their digital team. the goal of the workshop was to unleash rebel talent within the team, as well as to get to know each other on a different level. 

during the preparation of the workshop, LEGO picked four rebel themes that they wanted to explore further. each theme was introduced with mind-opening examples and some eye-opening exercises. the themes that we worked on were:

Thank you Simone aka fellow rebel ❤️ thanks for your positive perspective on rebels

thanks for joining us Simone, it was awesome having you! 😊 just wait for it how cool things will come to live now after people feel more confident about bringing in new perspectives 😎

Thanks for stopping by, Simone, you certainly gave us something to think about 😊 Hopefully see you again soon!

I really enjoyed your session and I have already re-shared several things from your presentation! 🙂

examples of the rebel-themes to choose from, are:

this theme is all about opening up to all kinds of sources of inspiration to come up with surprising insights and ideas.

this theme is about how sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. because when you pause, more divergent ideas will come up. 

as humans, we naturally tend to add something rather than remove something. this makes work complex and bureaucratic. being aware of this is the start of changing the way you work. 

often, problems are around for a long time and seem hard to solve. by asking different types of questions you’ll come up with different, surprising solutions. 

we tend to disregard ideas too quickly, especially when they seem crazy or impossible. however, often, this is how real breakthroughs start. it pays off to listen a bit better whenever a team member shares an absurd idea 

we tend to prefer people who are alike and think like us. but when you have to come up with ideas or solutions, often the better ones only come up when a variety of viewpoints are shared.

change has never been this fast and at the same time it will never be this slow. this means you have to keep things running while you also constantly need to adapt. this theme is all about learning to embrace an and-and mindset to keep you feet on the ground while you have your head in the coulds

better ideas and solutions often come from disagreement, but only when the dispute is constructive. however, when people don’t disagree, often the discussion turns more unfriendly and things are made and taken personally. learning to disagree without being disagreeble will help improve the output of the team

change makes us feel uncomfortable, but the only constant is change. when you can embrace that feeling of discomfort, you’ll be able to navigate through life much easier

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