my services: customised workshops

typically 0,5 – 5 days

i love working with teams and achieving great results together. often, organisations get stuck when it comes to dealing with complex challenges where a lot of different teams and departments are involved. this is where i am at my best. i design tailor-made workshops to get the best out of each participant and break through the deadlock.

with my solid corporate background, i understand how organisations work and how to navigate them to be successful.

beyond gravity

beyond gravity is the space-oriented segment of the swiss technology group RUAG. they have delivered products for hundreds of different missions for over 40 years.

during the 2-day workshop, we first identified key areas for improvement. the group was divided into small teams of three. each team picked a problem area and with a set of different tools ideated on the topic. the best ideas were combined into a business concept. each team created a high level action plan.

by the end of the workshop, the teams proudly presented their concepts and action plan to the management team. the concepts were well received, and after the workshop, the participants were given time to work on the action plans and implement the solutions.  

I now have learned that it is possible to have ideas even if you don't have ideas 🙂

Was great to have you here, learning how to evolve and develop not only our teams but also our way to work and think!! Now we have plenty of rebels in Beyond Gravity to drive our future growth!!

Great moderation and structure - a different approach to thinking and getting to solutions!

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