my services: customised training

typically 0,5 – 5 days

i love to let people grow by sharing my knowledge and experience. i can design a training tailored to the needs of the client. my training is based on learning-by-doing; the participants work in small groups on an actual challenge and apply many tools on that topic. with fun stories, i spice it up so that people have fun while learning.

with my solid corporate background, i understand how organisations work, what they need, and how to navigate them to be successful.


SunExpress is a turkish-german airline based in antalya. SunExpress was founded in 1989 as a joint venture between turkish airlines and lufthansa

regularly, i provide training to a group of 15-20 employees. the training is preferably in person, but if needed some modules are also taught online. based on the background and current position of the participants, i create a training tailored to that group. eg, when the participants are all in a  management role, i include tools specifically on how to boost and lead innovation rather than practice all the tools. 

participants always work in small groups together on a topic that they’ve selected at the start of the training. every tool is introduced with a small, fun story, followed by group work where they practice with the tool.

by the end of the training, they have walked through all the steps to identify the key problem, come up with ideas, put the best ones together in a concept, and bring that concept to life. 

I loved your energy and passion for innovation - i wish everyone could have this training!

I learned that training is not always boring 🙂

The tools that we tried were different and it helped me to think from another perspective. It was enjoyable. Thanks Simone ❤️

Your energy, attitude, and presentation was super! Well structured, well-paced and fun program

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