read about some of my rebel adventures while working at KLM

you can be a rebel and do great stuff in a corporate

KLM LAUNDRY LEAN TEAM. i was responsible for the logistics and laundry of KLM’s board supplies at schiphol airport (± 5 million pillows and blankets yearly, and thousands of uniforms and overalls). although more than 10 different KLM departments from various divisions were involved, i successfully took ownership of the process and simplified it tremendously. read the story here!

KLM REBEL TURNAROUND TEAM. KLM operations and commercial could not agree on how to shorten the aircraft turnaround times without increasing costs. the topic was in a deadlock situation for years and landed on my desk after the great results i achieved by leaning the laundry process (see story above). with a team of rebels, we reached a result that no one imagined possible. read the story here!

KLM SWAT TEAM. when pieter elbers was appointed as ceo of klm, i wrote him a short email: ‘hey pieter, free me up and i am gonna do some cool stuff for you.’ and so he did! it allowed me to create the so-called swat-team. within 18 months, we saved over 15 million euros by collaborating with employees to solve problems and simplify things. employee engagement and bottom-up innovation increased significantly. read the story here!

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