inspiring booklets

i love to create things, especially (digital) booklets. it is great fun to make them, it even works therapeutic at times. get your inspiration here !

simone van neerven rebella why rebels rule

13 things you need to know about rebels

rebelliousness is often misunderstood. with this booklet i hope to give some insights on what really drives rebels.

27 super inspirational quotes about innovation

there are so many inspiring people out there talking about so many inspiring things. in this booklet i have captured quotes that make me think and smile, and view things differently. 

5 perspectives on creativity

maya angelou once said “you can’t use up creativity. the more you use, the more you have”. so true. i was fascinated when someone shared her view on creativity with me. this made me think and i started to do some research on the topic. i came to five different perspectives on creativity. open the short booklet to find out which five i found.

8 types of rest

when you go fast, you also have to slow down. or to quote bansky “if you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit”. knowing more about how to rest well helps you to understand how to create more headspace, not only by just taking a good sleep.

13 key blockers for adaptability

“adaptability is the simple secret of survival” – jessica hagedorn. if you are aware of the things that hold you, your team, and your organisation back from getting ahead, it will be easier to adapt. this booklet gives insight in 13 key blockers for adaptability, which is one of the key traits for innovation.

27 indispensable innovation roles

innovation is a complex thing. to be successful, you have to push many different buttons at the same time. that means that there are many different roles to make innovation happen. “we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

6 organisational dots connected

organisations tend to put things into boxes and manage accordingly, yet many fields – including innovation – are highly connected. “if you can’t connect the dots, find the right dots first” – mohith agadi

16 ways to create a great team environment

creating a safe space where team members can be their full selves is the main task of a leader. “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – helen keller

10 ways to create smart luck

life gives us many opportunities, and you can give that a hand as well. but the key question is whether you’ll seize it or not? “serendipity always rewards the prepared” – katori hall

10 lessons from nature for business

nature is super ingenious and we could (and should) learn from it as much as possible. “there are literally as many ideas as there are organisms” – jeanine benyus

15 ways to get out of your daily rut

new sparks come when you break out of your daily routines. “routine is necessary for efficiency; breaking routine is necessary for adaptation.”– brett steenbarger

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