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free inspiration

rebels overview

free inspiration: book reviews

you know that feeling? way too many cool and interesting books and you have no clue which one to pick next? here, i am sharing the ones that inspired me and explain in just two minutes why i liked them. i hope it helps you to find and select your next read!

playlist: innovation

playlist: mindset

playlist: how to lead & collaborate

playlist: different perspectives

playlist: customer experience

playlist: just cool books

free inspiration: tools & formats

this playlist is all about my favorite tools and formats that i use to get the best results

rebels are troublemakers, right?

free e-book to celebrate reBella’s 5th anniversary!

free inspiration: books that i've created for you

i love to create visual, small books that inspire. it is great fun to make them, and it even works therapeutically at times 😅. get your boost of inspiration here!

why rebels rule

13 need-to-knows about rebels

innovation quotes

my 27 all time favourite quotes about innovation

takes on creativity

5 different perspectives on creativity

slowing down to go fast

8 ways to rest

accelerating change

13 key blockers for adaptability

leading innovation

27 indispensable innovation roles

connecting the dots

6 disciplines logically brought together

hacking your work

16 ways to create a great team environment

cultivating serendipity

10 ways to create smart luck

learning from nature

10 lessons from nature for business

breaking the routine

15 ways to get out of your daily rut

knowing the blockers

7 ways of encountering obstruction

interesting folks talking about interesting stuff

i love to get inspired by other people, whether they are renowned people or someone less famous. in this playlist i am sharing snippets of longer talks or conversations, the things that made me think.

everything you can imagine, is real

pablo picasso

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