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dr rebel: how can we ease tension in the team?

rebels are intrinsically motivated to make things better, and their urge to speak up is so much stronger than their will to fit in. they care so much that they are willing to face lots of opposition. and thus, with rebels in a team, things heat up now and then. these are the moments when new ideas and insights come to the table. however, these heated discussions can spiral out of control and lead to conflict if there isn’t a safe space and people feel attacked rather than intellectually challenged. 

thus, for a leader, creating an atmosphere that allows for constructive disagreement is essential. humour is one of the best ways to ease tension when the going gets tough. good laughter brings people closer together. with these two rebel bingo cards, you can have some fun with your team while bringing the world of the rebel and their co-workers closer together. use it in your next team meeting, and enjoy the ride!

oh no we have a rebel in our team BINGO
oh no i am a rebel bingo

you can download the BINGO cards in pdf-format on my website. (no, i won’t track your data, email address or whatsoever. i just want you to have some rebel fun)

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